Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As customers of Catherine Blades Couture, I may hold some information about you (your name, email address, your postal address and phone number). This will tell you about how I collect, use and store this information. But if you still have any further questions after reading this, please contact me.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: When I talk about “information”, I am only referring to your contact details. I never have access to your financial information when you make payments using PayPal or bank transfer. All financial information is held securely by the processing companies, and they never share this with me, or anyone else. I will include links to all the relevant companies I use for sales and website hosting below, should you wish to view their privacy policies individually.

How I collect information

I do not have a mailing list, therefore I do not retain any of your email or name information following an email enquiry from you.

Whenever you place an order with me, either directly, via social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram or through my website, you give me sufficient information about you to enable me to follow up the order.

I may ask for more detailed information to fulfil the order or arrange a consultation. This information will never be used for any other purpose, and once you are happy that your order has been completed to a satisfactory standard, I will destroy this information.

The website provider I use, WordPress, has cookies enabled for this site to make sure your computer (or other device) is recognised when you visit here again. You can find out more about cookies in general here.

 Who has access to your information

As a sole trader, I am the only one who ever has access to your information, and I never pass this on to anyone else.

How I use your information

If you have sent personal information regarding an order, you can expect to hear from me using the contact information you’ve provided.

In the unlikely event that Catherine Blades Couture’s business or product offerings change significantly, I will let you know so you can decide if you still want to receive contact from me. 

How I store information

I keep an electronic copy of all invoices, and orders via my website, or external sales platforms. These are kept on a password protected computer, which is kept locked away at my place of business, and is not accessed by anyone else. These records are kept for up to 6 years for accounting purposes, and will then be destroyed securely.

Your rights

You can ask me at any time what information I hold about you, and I will give you full details free of charge. You also have the right to ask that your details be deleted, amended or transferred. If you ever change your mind about what information, if any, you want me to hold on your behalf, just contact me.

What is GDPR?

If you’re confused about the new privacy legislation, or just want a bit more information, there’s a helpful article you can read on the Which? website.

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